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Infinite Justice: The Speed Force by Entropist2009
Infinite Justice: The Speed Force
Alright, it's been quite a while since I last posted something about the DC Universe. I got inspired to get back to it because of the CW's series "The Flash", which is, for a CW series about the DC universe, freaking awesome!

So, yes, this is my take on the Flash in my "infinite" treatment of the DCU. You'll note I didn't take that many liberties with the design. Unlike the other concepts, I didn't use photos as references,  because let's face it, I just can't paint a satisfying mask that way, :)

On to the characters, it should be obvious, but here they are: 
Far left: The Flash
Barry Allen, forensic officer for the Keystone Police Department (I've always found the name Central City just as ridiculous as Green Lantern's Coast City), is struck by lightning through a shelf of chemicals. Against impossible odds, he survives and his body changes, gaining superspeed and access to a raw power of the Cosmos, the Speed Force. Assuming the nickname of WWII hero Jay Garrick, Barry becomes the Flash and fights crime in his city. He is a founding member of the Justice League.

Middle: The Flash II:
Nephew of Barry's fiancée, Iris, high school student Wally West was on a trip to Metropolis with his class, visiting STAR Labs, when the probes from Brainiac attacked the facility, causing the particle accelerator to malfunction and causing a rift in the fabric of the Universe. Exposed to the rift, Wally was rescued by Flash and Superman. Given Speed powers by the accident, Wally began adventuring with his 'Uncle Barry' as Kid Flash and went on to found the Teen Titans with Dick Grayson (Robin), Kaldur (Aqualad), Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) and Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal). When his uncle went missing, Wally chose to slip on the boots of the Flash, to honour his legacy.
If I chose to integrate certain elements of the Young Justice cartoon in my continuity (Like the characters of Kaldur and Artemis Crock), I do not adhere to their notion that Wally is not as fast as Barry. In my story, Wally has been in direct contact with the Speed Force. While Barry can tap into it, Wally is a living conduit of it. But people, including himself, were fooled by the fact he had to learn how to use his powers and appeared to be struggling with his speed. But once he becomes the Flash, he realizes his limitations are only in his mind and then, the sky is the limit. He becomes the fastest being in the Universe.

middle right: Impulse
Born in the future from the children of a time displaced Iris Allen, Bart is Barry's grandson. His whole metabolism is affected by living in the wrong time. When he finally manages to travel back to a more suitable time frame, he overshoots and ends up in the time of the League, when his 'Uncle Wally' is the Flash. Feeling unworthy of the Kid Flash mantle, he chooses the name Impulse. Bart's power are roughly the same as Barry's, but deep within, Bart has the potential to go beyond all the speedsters.

The picture was done entirely in a combination of Photoshop CS3 and Painter 12. I hope you'll like this.
Hogwarts: The Fall of Timothy Macke by Entropist2009
Hogwarts: The Fall of Timothy Macke
I'm actually pretty pleased with the result, here. 
I must acknowledge the huge influence of two artists on this piece. First is that I have been following for a while, now. One of his video tutorials has given me a few tools and ideas for this picture. the guy is just awesome! Second is who has been my main inspiration when it comes to try for a more cartoony style for my Harry Potter stuff.
Credit has been given, now, on to explain what the hell the piece is about.

This is taken from my own fanfiction continuity. This comes as a bit of a spoiler. I'm currently posting my third story in a series that started five years after Hogwarts, and which follows Harry and his friends embracing teaching as a calling and getting mixed up with the adventures of a new generation of students. This precise moment comes in the planned sixth story, and features Timothy Macke, Slytherin bully, dead ringer for a Draco Malfoy that was more hardcore in my continuity than he turned out to be in canon. Macke isn't that skilled or that bright, but he's sneaky and vicious, with influence because of his father. In the story, he decides to embrace a dark otherworldly power to finally be on par with his nemesis, Ian Malcolm, one of my main OCs. This is him accepting the dark gift from an evil presence, lurking behind.

All done in Painter 12 and photoshop CS3 in a total of 5 hours and a half (I actually timed it! :) )

As most people living on the planet must know, I'm not the one owning the Harry Potter universe, a certain gal called JK Rowling does. But Tim Macke is my own creation, so please don't use without permission, if only to be polite...

Hope you guys like it!
I've posted a few new pieces that use some new techniques in coloring with Photoshop. I kinda like the result. I'll have to experiment some more with that...


Entropist2009's Profile Picture
Erwan Le Goupil
I'm Erwan.
French, Geek, and fancying myself as an artist, as a hobby.
I mainly draw illustrations for the fanfictions I write in various universes. the most prolific I am is about Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-men, DC comics.
I sometimes do a few things from my own imagination, but they rarely get on paper.

About the entropist thing in my username... well, what can i say, I'm a child of chaos... hehehe

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