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Feeling like ranting, today.

I just read Extraordinary X-men, issue 1. I'm seriously pissed-off at Marvel comics, today...
What the hell are they doing?!!! 


Okay, you've been warned. 

Now, let me explain. I only cast fleeting glances on regular comic book series, these days, for lack of budget, time and also because the direction taken by both DC and Marvel does tend to antagonize me, these days.
So, once in a while, I pick an issue, to get back in the loop, to see where the industry is going... And I have to say, lately, each I did so, I ended up putting it down, brace myself and wait for the facepalm.
This last one was no exception. I did look at the state of affairs in Marvel for their galactic event of Secret Wars. I admit I still don't exactly understand what it is all about, but hey, I didn't understand DC's Final Crisis either, so I must be stupid, there. 

But I thought I would take the jump and see where the world of the X-men is AFTER the Secret Wars. And... I ended in a mess. WTF is going on? Dying mutants, sterile mutants? A teenage Jean Grey that has given up on heroics altogether after (and I quote) 'what happened with Cyclops'? I mean, I know what the teenage X-men are doing there, despite all the evidence of impossibility of the thing. But I saw Jean being the most dedicated of the lot, and she's given up, and things have gotten so bad that she refers to Scott Summers as 'Cyclops'? Come on! What can possibly happen in Uncanny X-men 600 that screws up things that royally?!! 

I read the articles on Internet, I know that in the Secret Wars event, Cyclops (the adult version... for f*#!'s sake, Marvel has come to the point where there is a teenage AND an adult version of Cyclops at the same time!... never mind) gets his neck snapped, but for the love of Pete, what could possibly happen to the teenage version, whom Jean is, apparently, at least a little in love with? Where is he? And what could lead her to refer to him as 'Cyclops'... Something just doesn't compute up there, for me. 

Oh, and sure, at the end of issue 1, who gets to show up but the freaking Wolverine?!!! The Wolverine, who was supposed to STAY DEAD, for once. So yeah, Marvel has done it again... let's screw up Cyclops and bring in Wolverine! Sure, they can argue that it's Old Man Logan from an alternate timeline, but said timeline should be gone, since the actual Wolverine is DEAD. But, since Space-time continuum is apparently Marvel's bitch... Why shouldn't they do it?

So yeah, welcome to a world of the X-men, where there is no Cyclops, where Jean Grey is a teenager that is here in violation of the rules of Space and time, putting the whole of creation at risk, but never mind. And there is an old grizzled Wolverine clawing at Sentinels again. Basically, your line-up is made up of characters that can only be there temporarily, or else the universe will go tits up. We're supposed to like that team? We're supposed to continue to enjoy a series that hammers in each time that no matter what the X-men try, things will always get worse? Humanity will go prejudiced to bigotted, from bigotted to hateful and from hateful to full-on crazy against mutants. And in the meantime, characters you loved and enjoyed will either die, turn evil, turn crazy, die, try to save the world and screw up, or die. I realise I said 'die' three times, but that's the way Marvel feels, these days. Who in the original X-men line-up hasn't been killed off once already?
Marvel comics, I hate you, right now.
The Prodigal Knight Step by step by Entropist2009
The Prodigal Knight Step by step
From the initial photoshop photomanip that served as the reference to the final result, here is the process of creation of my latest piece.
Then and now: KOTOR Poster by Entropist2009
Then and now: KOTOR Poster
Following the completion of my latest project, I wanted to compare it to the former version. As you can see, both the techniques and the tools have changed. The difference Painter and a goodmakes...
That's all folks!
Star Wars: NEXUS - Episode I  by Entropist2009
Star Wars: NEXUS - Episode I
Oh, Holy s… !

This one was exhausting! I've spent more hours on this piece than I have on any other I posted around here. I must admit that I am pretty pleased with the result (I apologize for the self- congratulation!), because it DID turn out EXACTLY THE WAY I WANTED TO! It doesn't happen that often that I can dismiss it, hehe.

So, to explain the process of this remake/reboot/reinventing of a KOTOR poster, that I had done a few years ago (original version there:…), I need to explain something.

For a few years, now, I have been working (mostly for my own enjoyment, I admit) on a star wars fanfiction project that would be freaking HUGE. It started off as a simple story set right after ‘Heir to the Empire', featuring a Luke/Mara romance and a young Jedi, trained by a fallen recluse, meeting and fighting alongside Luke against a former student of the Emperor. It was simple, written in French (because I was something like seventeen, back then), and it didn't go very far.

Later, when I started writing in English, the plot bunny returned, and I started working on a project called ‘the Second Sith War'. It was set a few years after Vision of the Future (note that I use Zahn's novels as milestones in any EU chronology I use, and it basically served as my way to deny the NJO (and anything after that piece of crap) ever existed. I got side-tracked and the writing of My Harry Potter fictions took too much of my time, so the story went on hiatus, because it needed some serious work.

And then Star Wars: the Old Republic happened. I was so pissed off by their treatment of Revan that I started working in my project a storyline that would last for millennia, linking the saga of Luke and his students with the tale of Revan. This gave shape to the latest incarnation of my project.

It is called ‘Star Wars: Nexus'. It starts as a trilogy set in Luke's era, and will get a prequel trilogy, which is basically a retelling of KOTOR, KOTOR II and my take on KOTOR III.

Hence the new KOTOR poster.

Also, this gave me the chance to try out the ‘Struzan approach'. I've looked at the youtube vids that were published around his Hellboy poster and tried to do a similar process. I'll post a WIP soon. I'll admit it was an interesting but very consuming process.

So I took my reference pictures, traced the outline of the composition, sketched into my tracing, scanned the result, and then painted it both in Photoshop and Painter.

I openly admit to cheating a little, in terms of backgrounds. I suck at doing space, so I don't even try, in case I screw it up and ruin the whole thing. I used a preset brush, for the planet, and tweaked it a little in toshop. The starfield behind it is the work of Matraken (original piece:…), although I only used a part of the whole picture and changed the tint.

Now, about the reference ‘cast':

The main change from the original picture is that I changed my Revan! I recently began to feel that I need someone for Revan that wasn't as imposing in stature, but could be very intense. So I chose James McAvoy as Revan (some pictures of him playing Leto Atreides in ‘Children of Dune' just screamed to me ‘I'm a young Revan in training!!!")

Edward Norton was still my basis for Carth, because I liked the look it gave him.

Summer Glau is still Mission Vao, for me, so I used a younger picture of her to appear as her fourteen year old self (she plays a part as a grown-up in KOTOR III).

I still used a picture of Jennifer Connely as Bastila. I know the age won't fit, but honestly, I don't care about that. It's not like the movie will ever be made…

Like the first picture, I used this cosplayer picture I found to give Juhani an awesome fighting pose.

As for Malak, well, the artwork for KOTOR is still one of the best Star Wars illustrations ever made, so I kept it as a reference.

The Ebon Hawk was drawn from a model I found in the sketchup library, and I can't recall who made it, but kudos to them!

Right! Now, the description has been as exhausting as the picture itself! I'll conclude by reminding everyone that, obviously, I am not George Lucas, so nothing monetary ever drawn from Star Wars ever gets in my pocket. This is done only for the fun of it. Just ask if you want to use it. I intend to post three versions of this poster: a simple ‘no title' piece, a ‘KOTOR' piece, to serve as a cover for the game, and a ‘Nexus' piece, tying it into my overall project.

Hope you like it…

Signing off!
I've posted a few new pieces that use some new techniques in coloring with Photoshop. I kinda like the result. I'll have to experiment some more with that...


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Erwan Le Goupil
I'm Erwan.
French, Geek, and fancying myself as an artist, as a hobby.
I mainly draw illustrations for the fanfictions I write in various universes. the most prolific I am is about Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-men, DC comics.
I sometimes do a few things from my own imagination, but they rarely get on paper.

About the entropist thing in my username... well, what can i say, I'm a child of chaos... hehehe

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