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X-men Infinity - volume one - Genesis  by Entropist2009
X-men Infinity - volume one - Genesis
Alright, let's see what I can say about this piece... I've had this fanfiction project about the x-men for a long while, now. I've been growing more and more frustrated by the choices Marvel comics made with this whole line of titles ( as in pushing ridiculous characters down our throats and stomping on the ones we loved, oh and putting Wolverine in EVERY FREAKING MARVEL TITLE! I don't dislike the character, even in the movies, but, come on! Enough is enough) I'll stop the rant before it gets too long.
Anyway, I wanted a story that would focus on the team and more centered around Jean Grey and Cyclops. Yes, I'm a Jott fan, sue me. :) I liked Cyclops and the White Queen as a couple under Whedon's pen, but that's it.
So... this one is the 'cover' for the first arc of the planned fic. It revolves around Xavier gathering his students, the x-men becoming a team, and facing Magneto and the Sentinels as main antagonists.
I draw inspiration from the movies (Singer-directed, of course), old comics ( as in 90's and before), the Ultimate x-men first arcs and some elements from x-men evolution, the only animated version of the team worth mentioning for me.
As for the composition of the picture, I used poses and references from a few sources:
- Magneto is based on Jeremy Irons that I would have seen as him
- Professor X is based on a pose by Patrick Stewart. I love McAvoy's Xavier but Stewart was the perfect pick.
- Storm is based off a picture by Daniel Barajas :…
- Cyclops and Colossus have been drawn from reference pictures by Adi Granov who did awesome cover art for the x-men recently.
- Wolverine was painted and drawn from a photo of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He did pull the look off.
- the sentinel at the fore ground is my design
- finally, is drawn and painted from this picture of Mike Mayhew:…

There you have it. I hope you’ll like it.
Jean  Scott - The stuff of legend by Entropist2009
Jean Scott - The stuff of legend
Okay, I stumbled upon that old sketch I had of Jean Grey and Cyclops with a redesigned uniform for my fanfiction project. Recently, I have grown annoyed and frustrated at Marvel's treatment of Scott Summers and the X-men in general. So I decided to color and repaint the piece, to remind of the Scott and Jean that I love... my fiction is AU, mixing elements from the movies, the 90's and early 2000's comics, the early Ultimate universe and X-men Evolution, that remains the best cartoon ever made on the team.
I've posted a few new pieces that use some new techniques in coloring with Photoshop. I kinda like the result. I'll have to experiment some more with that...


Entropist2009's Profile Picture
Erwan Le Goupil
I'm Erwan.
French, Geek, and fancying myself as an artist, as a hobby.
I mainly draw illustrations for the fanfictions I write in various universes. the most prolific I am is about Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-men, DC comics.
I sometimes do a few things from my own imagination, but they rarely get on paper.

About the entropist thing in my username... well, what can i say, I'm a child of chaos... hehehe

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Hola I have need of your skills, please like this page and send us a message. We are working on a fan made KOTOR 3!
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Hi, I just thought I'd drop by and commend you for what you posted on fooxd's profile. As you may or may not have known, he has also criticized the work of several others. A few days ago he had a go at my work stating that it was ugly, rotten and tasteless only hours after I favorited some of his art.

He then went on to supposedly 'improve' my artwork without explaining how I could improve it myself. There's a difference between criticism and flat-out trolling to get views and I'm glad you let him know. Consider yourself watched, friend. (I'm also going to favorite some of your work if you don't mind, haha).
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ça fielleuse, c'est clair.
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T'inquiètes. C'est pas demain que tu vas m'apprendre le français.
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